Variety Bundle

A daily fiber supplement with added collagen, electrolytes, and probiotics.
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Start a gut health habit that changes how you look and feel. Catch up on what most modern diets are missing: probiotics, fiber, electrolytes, collagen in one delicious scoop.

Probiotics restore healthy gut flora
Electrolytes boost hydration and energy
Fiber supports digestive regularity and keeps you fuller longer
Collagen supports skin, hair, and nail health

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The best bits

  • ✦ Collagen for hair, nails, skin and digestion
  • ✦ Probiotics to support optimal digestive wellness
  • ✦ Electrolytes for whole body hydration
  • ✦ Dietary fiber to keep you feeling full between meals

Main ingredients

  • ✨ 2g of Collagen ✨
  • ✨ 1 billion CFU Probiotics (B. Coagulans) ✨
  • ✨ 278 mg of electrolytes✨
  • ✨ 3.5g of dietary fiber✨