Welcome to your gut-healthy era

Fiber + probiotics = your new simple routine for whole body health.

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Gut health but make it delicious.

Modern fiber. Shaped by science.

Here’s the tea: your best health starts in your belly.

Caring for your gut is the first step to a flatter tummy, radiant skin, and healthier hair and nails.

That’s why we set out to make clean-ingredient treats that give your body exactly what it’s missing. In every one of our bars and powders you’ll find all the ingredients you need to glow. It’s a difference you can see in a matter of days.

Abstract guts

Modern fiber. Shaped by science.

The modern diet is missing two major body essentials: fiber and probiotics. 

No wonder 70% of the adult population suffers from some form of gut trouble—our bodies are working overtime to digest without the help we really need. 

After years of suffering from GI issues herself, our founder Katie discovered the immediate difference of daily probiotics and vital fiber:

✦ Increased metabolism
✦ Curbed hunger
✦ Less bloating
✦ Balanced blood sugar
✦ More restorative sleep
✦ Thriving hair and skin

We worked with leading GI expert Dr. Peyton Berookin to develop a premium science-based products that are convenient and delicious.

We started with a line of tasty on-the-go gluten-free snack bars that won’t make you bloat, and then we launched a collection of 4-in-1 beverages that give you your daily dose of fiber, probiotics, electrolytes and collagen.

Every product is meticulously third-party lab tested, and low-FODMAP. So caring for your gut is the daily ritual you look forward to—and has benefits everyone can see.

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