Why does gut health matter?

They say your gut is your second brain. Our digestive system impacts our whole body—from our biggest and most visible organ, our skin, to our energy, sleep and mood. When we take care of our guts, our whole body feels it.

Why are BelliWelli bars good for my gut?

We went straight to the experts (California’s most renowned GI Specialist—Dr. Peyton Berookim) to validate every ingredient in our bars so they’re not only free from the stuff that often hurts stomachs (like dairy, gluten and Erythritol) but also full of stuff our guts need to function properly (like protein, fiber and probiotics).

Why are BelliWelli bars gluten free?

We go to crazy lengths to make our bars without processed grains in a fully gluten-free facility because of the strong link between gluten and stomach issues. We went to even crazier lengths to find the tastiest wheat alternatives (three cheers for tapioca and oat flour).

Why do BelliWelli bars cost more than others?

Because we make them with real, whole, plant-based foods and add 500 million probiotics per bar. The type of probiotics that can survive baking are pricey, but they’re a pillar to gut health. Instead of spending moola on breakfast AND a handful of vitamins every day, we decided to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Can kids eat BelliWelli bars?

You better believe it. Our kids eat them daily (and more often than not, more than one).

Can people without dietary restrictions eat BelliWelli bars?

Heck yes! We’ve heard countless stories of “converts” who raided the snack stash and couldn’t believe our bars are gluten-free, dairy-free and oh, so delicious. The fact is—we all need protein, probiotics and fiber in our diets (and yummy treats)!

Are there nuts in BelliWelli bars?

Our bars contain almond butter, a central ingredient to our recipes' tastiness. We’ve tried formulating without it and we aren’t able to achieve the best flavor and texture.