Why is fiber important?

Fiber is the best starting point for digestive health. We all know it helps promote regularity, but here’s the thing—it also sustains your energy and curbs hunger. Our proprietary fiber blend gives you all those benefits of without tummy trouble. Combine fiber with probiotics, collagen and electrolytes, and in a few weeks you’ll see visible results: a happy gut biome, reduced bloating, and your healthiest hair, skin and nails.

How many scoops of BelliWelli powder can I consume per day?

More fiber is never a bad thing—but for best results, we suggest anywhere from one to four scoops a day.

Can I put the BelliWelli powder in smoothies? Hot drinks?

When something tastes this good, why not get creative with it? Try it in a healthy hot toddy, throw it in a smoothie or sprinkle it on your morning bowl. Let us know how it turns out!

How do I know this is good for me? Has BelliWelli powder been third-party tested?

We only make the best for you. BelliWelli is made in a GMP facility to ensure the highest quality standard. It’s approved by one of the country’s top GI doctors, and is third-party tested.