Be honest. Do these taste good?

Our oven-baked snackbars are a family-friendly, green-light goodie for sensitive tums. But we wanted to deliver more than just “safe.” We’re here to satisfy. And not in a “pretty good for gluten-free” type of way. We’re talking rock-your-mouth, wanna-split-another-one, indulge-your-soul satisfaction. When it comes to tending your belly, we’ve totally got your back.

Is BelliWelli vegan?

Because dairy is a trigger for people with gut trouble, none of our bars contain milk—or any other animal products for that matter. Moo-tiful.

Is BelliWelli gluten-free?

We know gluten can cause gut issues, so we don’t put it in our bars. Instead, we use a signature gluten-free blend of gut-friendly, high-fiber flours like teff, sorghum and oat bran.

What's in the signature BelliWelli flour blend

Countless months in the kitchen and more than eighty batches later, we’re rightfully proud of our dang-tasty low FODMAP, gluten-free flour blend. Filled with nutrient-dense superfood seeds, ancient grains and hearty oats.

This itsy-bitsy ancient grain is one of the mightiest, boasting impressive levels of iron, calcium, dietary fiber and vitamin C. We’re all about doling out some teff love.

Oats are an unbeatable source of beta-glucans—a soluble fiber that tag-teams with your liver to reduce bad cholesterol, improve blood sugar control and support overall digestive wellness.

Naturally sweet and packed with fiber, sorghum lives up to its subtropical roots by keeping your beach bod sleek and your blood sugar in check.

Golden Flax
Loaded with dietary fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and up to 800 times the amount of antioxidant-rich lignans than you’ll find in other plant foods. Milling golden flax seeds into flour unlocks their nutrients for you to absorb more easily.

Diagram of the signature BelliWelli flour blend